• Multi-layer Fresnel optical screen with 1.3 Image Gain to deliver bright image all day
  • Grade-A aluminium Frame, lightweight but strong and durable
  • Dual Supporting Bar to avoid structure distortion
  • Metal Spring Clasp, perfectly flat projection surface guaranteed
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MaxLight FR Screen – A Bright UST Screen

FR Fresnel series screen is an ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen for Ultra Short Throw projectors. 

By utilising its multi-layer optical design, ambient light from the top and both sides of the screen are efficiently rejected; meanwhile, the Fresnel structure helps increase the image brightness by a gain ratio of 1.3.

FR Fresnel screens deliver a bright, vivid, high-contrast image with their ALR capability and high image gain.


The Fresnel screen comes with a semi-circular optical structure.

The screen is only receptive to the projection light from the bottom while rejecting ambient light from all other three directions to deliver a bright and vivid image.



Matte white is the most common and the cheapest screen option. It does not offer ALR features; the image is always washed out under ambient light.

A black grid ALR screen is a good choice for a dark/dimmed room with enhanced image contrast and colour gamutcolour gamut Colour gamut refers to the range of colours a projector can display. It is typically measured using the CIE 1931 colour space, which visualizes the range of colours visible to the human eye in a two-dimensional diagram. This colour space represents a projector's colour gamut, showing the specific colours that the projector can accurately reproduce. Rec. 709, also known as BT.709, is a standard colour gamut used in high-definition television (HDTV) and Blu-ray discs. It defines the colour space for HDTV with a specific range of colours that can be reproduced. The Rec. 709 colour space is smaller than the human eye's full range of colours, but it has been widely adopted for HD content production and display. On the other hand, Rec. 2020, also known as BT.2020, is a standard encompassing a significantly wider colour gamut than Rec. 709. It is designed to represent a much larger range of colours, closer to what the human eye can see. Rec. 2020 is often associated with ultra-high-definition content and next-generation display technologies, offering a more extensive palette of colours for more vibrant and lifelike imagery. The measurement of color gamut involves using a spectrophotometer or a colorimeter to analyze the projector's output across various wavelengths of light. This data is then plotted on the CIE 1931 color space diagram to visualize the projector's color gamut. This allows for a quantitative assessment of the projector's color reproduction capabilities according to specific color gamut standards such as Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020..

Fresnel screen offers the best possible ambient light rejecting result with high image contrast and vivid colour.

8 LAYERS Optical Screen

Maxlight Fresnel Screen consists of 8 functional layers to ensure an even, glare-free image is always displayed regardless of the ambient light conditions.


By eliminating the ambient light interference, the FR screen reveals 100% of the colour gamut your projector can deliver.

Optimised for up to 8K resolution and 3D images, the FR screen is
ideal for a modern home cinema.

Super Slim. Strong and Durable


FR Fresnel Screen’s super-slim frame comes in an impressive 11mm thickness to deliver the most immersive viewing experience possible.

Grade-A aluminium Frame

Lightweight but strong and durable

Dual Supporting Bar

The reinforced dual supporting bar design leaves no space for structure distortion.

Metal Spring Clasp

The metal spring clasp ensures the screen is perfectly flat which is essential for UST projection.


Screen Gain1.31.3
Viewing Angle160°160°
Ambient Light Rejecting Ratio0.850.85
Projection Size2214*1245mm2657*1494mm
Frame Thickness11mm11mm
Overall Screen Size2236*1267*24mm2681*1518*37mm
Package Size1499*329*321mm1718*329*321mm
Net Weight (kg)1518
Gross Weight (kg)2533
Wall Load Capacity Requirement>40kg>40kg

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User Manual Download
User Manual Download

Maxlight FR Fresnel Fixed Frame Screen x 1

User Instruction x 1

Leaf Sprint x 18

T-Nut x 18

Bolt x 18

Elbow Joints (inner frame) x 4

Inner Splice Joint x 2

Frame Connector (inner frame) x 2

Inner Frame x 6

Outer Frame x 6

Tie Pole x 6

Centre Bar x 2

Middle Support Joins (outer frame) x 2

Corner Support Joints (outer frame) x 4

Elbow Joints (outer frame) x 4

Outer Frame Splice Joint x 2

Fibre Glass Pole x 6

Screws (M4x6) x 90

Velcro x 3

Expansion Screws (M8x70) x 6

Non-woven Cloth x 1

Wall Brackets x 3

White Gloves x 2