MaxLight Smart Integrated UST Projector Cabinet


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Spacemaster motorised UST projector cabinet

Product Features

  • Seamless, fully concealed design. 
  • Super silent motor to minimise the operating noise.
  • Fully synchronised. The draw, screen flip, screen and projector turn on/off automatically with one-key control.
  • Reliable Hard-wired Screen Connection
  • Broad compatibility, suitable for most of the UST projectors
  • Various colour options to fit your style
  • Made from formaldehyde-free MDF board to avoid distortion in the long term 
  • Bluetooth enabled for convenient and precise control with iOS/Android smartphone/tablet
  • Aluminium draw compartment, durable and reliable
SpaceMaster Motorised UST Projector Cabinet 100″/120″

The Ultimate UST Cabinet Solution

MaxLight SpaceMaster series UST projector cabinet offers a seamless, concealed solution to keep your UST projector, motorised projector screen, and other AV devices out of sight but close at hand.

The motorised projector platform in the central cabinet opens/closes silently and softly, thanks to the built-in silent motor.

The projector platform, UST projector, and motorised screen are fully synchronised. The power on/off button on your projector’s remote is all you need to control the whole system.

Good to know

The cabinet is compatible with all UST projectors with a throw ratioThrow Ratio The throw ratio of a projector refers to the ratio of the distance between the projector and the screen to the width of the projected image. This ratio determines the size of the image based on the projector's distance from the screen, making it a crucial factor in choosing the right projector for a specific space. To calculate the distance between the projector and its screen using the throw ratio, one can use the following formula: Distance = Throw Ratio x Width of the Image For instance, if a projector has a throw ratio of 1.5:1 and the desired width of the image is 6 feet, the distance from the projector to the screen would be 1.5 x 6 = 9 feet. Understanding the throw ratio and its calculation is essential for setting up a projector to achieve the desired image size and optimal viewing experience based on the available space. between 0.20 and 0.25. (120″ cabinet is compatible with projectors with the throw ratio between 0.17-0.25:1)

The Vividstorm motorised projector screen is NOT supplied as part of the cabinet‘s standard package. 

The cabinet is available in two colour options: Ivory White/Oak Wood and two screen sizes: 100″/120″.

The 100″ cabinet is also suitable for 92″ Vividstrom floor-rising screens.

Product Basics

Cabinet: Formaldehyde-Free MDF board

Drawer frame: Aluminium

Number of built-in cooling fan: 4 pairs

Control: One-key control with projector’s remote

Cable Management

Pinch-out panels are located at the rear of the side cabinet units and on the side of the central cabinet unit. The pinch-out holes make easy and tidy cable management possible.

Also, stick-on cable clips are supplied to help organise the cables at the rear of the cabinets.

Adjustable Motorised Projector Platform

The travel distance of the central motorised UST projector draw can be set precisely between 95mm and 230mm.

Once the travel distance is set initially with the cabinet’s remote or smartphone, it will be stored and applied automatically every time until it’s adjusted again.


AV device friendly

The cabinet is designed to work with other AV devices. The side cabinet units provide ample storage spaces. Two pairs of cooling fans are located at the rear of the side cabinet units to improve ventilation.

Two shelf boards are supplied with the cabinet. When installed, they can help to maximise the space inside the side cabinets. 

The cabinet also includes an IR signal repeater. If any AV devices stored in the cabinet require IR communication, the repeater can help transmit the signal while the cabinet unit’s door is closed.

Concealed Design

Everything is hidden inside the cabinet when your projection system is not used.

The fully concealed design helps to protect the screen and projector from accidental damage and dust. It also gives your room a tidy, minimalist look.

Plinth Skirting

The plinth skirting prevents dust from accumulating underneath the cabinet, so there is no longer a hard-to-reach space during housekeeping.

Modular Design for Easy Transport and Installation

The cabinet comes in a modular design with pre-assembled units for easy installation and transportation.

Hard-wired I A Reliable System

Unlike other UST cabinets on the market, which use a wireless USB trigger to sync the operation between the screen and cabinet, the communications between key components in the SpaceMaster cabinet’s system (the screen, motorised draw, the flip cover, and cooling fans) are all hard-wired to ensure reliable communication. 

More importantly, because the system is hard-wired, the other components will stop working for product safety when any of the cabinet mechanical parts are down.

Fixed Frame Screen? No Problem!

SpaceMaster cabinet works with a fixed frame screen as well. When working with a fixed frame screen, the space for the motorised floor rising screen can be used to place your soundbar/speaker system so the soundbar/speaker system will be hidden under the flip cover while not in use.

When the cabinet is turned on, the flip cover opens, allowing sound from the soundbar/speaker system to be unblocked.

control with smart phone

The cabinet’s control unit is Bluetooth-enabled.

With the dedicated mobile app (available for iOS and Android), you can set the drawer’s precise travel distance and update its firmware with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Broad Compatibility

Thanks to the motorised drawer and the ample space in the central cabinet, the cabinet can accommodate most of the UST projectors with a max size of 70*38*20cm and a throw ratio between 0.17-0.25:1 (120″ cabinet)/0.20-0.25:1 (100″ cabinet)

If you need clarification on whether your projector is compatible with the cabinet, please contact us, and we will check it.

Compatibility Checklist*

*if your projector is not listed, please contact us to check the compatibility

BrandModel120“ Cabinet100″ Cabinet
FormovieFormovie THEATERYesYes
NexigoAurora ProYesYes
OptomaL1 / CInemaX D2YesYes
VAVALT002 / ChromaYesYes

Colour Options

SpaceMaster is available in three colour options.

ColourWhiteLight OakBlackWhiteLight OakBlack
Cabinet Overall Dimension (W*D*H)248*66*41cm296*66*41cm
Compatible Projector Size (W*D*H) *Max70*38*20cm
Compatible Projector Throw Ratio0.20-0.250.17-0.25
Compatible Projector Weight30KG
Compatible Vividstorm Screen90″/100″ S Pro110″/120″ S Pro
Packaging Size (W*D*H) – 100″125*115*120cm, 190kg
Packaging Size (W*D*H) – 120″125*115*120cm, 200kg
* Only projectors with keystone adjustmentkeystone adjustment The keystone adjustment feature on a projector corrects the trapezoidal distortion of the projected image that can occur when the projector is not perpendicular to the screen. This distortion happens when the projector is tilted vertically or horizontally, resulting in a skewed or trapezoid-shaped image rather than a perfect rectangle. The keystone adjustment allows users to digitally manipulate the projected image's shape, correcting the trapezoidal distortion and ensuring that the image appears rectangular and proportional. This feature is especially useful when the projector cannot be placed directly in front of the centre of the screen due to space constraints or mounting limitations. By adjusting the keystone settings, users can align the projected image with the screen, resulting in a more accurate and visually pleasing display. function are compatible


Cabinet SizeH1H2W1W2W3D1D2D3
All measurements in mm


Spacemaster Gallery

Box Contents List:

Left Cabinet

Central Cabinet with integrated motorised drawer

Right Cabinet

Remote Control

L Shape Screen Bracket

Ventilation Fan (2 pairs)

Shelving Board x 2

Central Cabinet Front Cover

Fixing kit with tools