VividStorm S PRO P Perforated Acoustically Transparent Electric Tension Floor Rising ALR Screen for UST Projectors


  • Free-standing Electric Floor Rising Mechanism
  • Perforate Acoustically Transparent
  • Tab tensioned, perfect portable ALR screen solution for UST projectors
  • Slim Profile, Save Space
  • Ambient Light Rejecting>97%
  • High contrast, deeper black
  • 170° wide viewing angle
  • Active 3D, 8K Ultra HD, and HDR ready
  • 0.6 Gain

VividStorm S PRO P Perforated Acoustically Transparent Electric Tension Floor Rising ALR Screen For UST Projectors

The S PRO P series screen from VividStorm is a dedicated projector screen for UST projectors with the acoustically transparent feature.

S PRO P series feature a motorised floor rising mechanism which offers a  discreet screen solution. When not in use, the screen will be rolled back into the screen case and stored safely and you can move the screen from one room to another without efforts which offers a great flexibility which other screen solutions can not match.

The tab-tensioned screen structure make the screen absolutely flat to deliver stunning images for UST projectors.

The screen material with a special optical sawtooth structure and the light-rejecting filter to efficiently reject the ambient light so you can enjoy stunning pictures even in the day time.

The perforated black boarder of the screen makes screen to be acoustically transparent. Sound from sound bar/speaker system installed behind the screen can be passed through the screen. 

Important: This S PRO P Motorised Screen is dedicated for UST Projectors. It is NOT compatible with Standard Throw/Long Throw projectors!

ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting)

Ambient light is the enemy for any projectors. The S Pro P series ALR screen can efficiently reject 97% of ambient light to negates the washout effect from other light in the room.

Acoustically Transparent

The Electric Tension Floor Rising Perforate Acoustically Transparent ALR Screen allows sound to be passed through the screen so you can install your sound system behind the screen.

Acoustically Transparent - The Benefits

Acoustically Transparent screen allows the sound bar/speaker to be installed behind the screen to deliver the following benefits:

  • The perception of both sound and image are coming from the same direction for a rich immersive audiovisual experiences.
  • The sound bar/speaker system is out of sight for a neat home cinema layout with less distractions.
  • Save space.

Wide Viewing Angle

S PRO P series ALR screen offers 170° viewing angle so the viewing audience, whether it’s just you and the your family on the couch can enjoy the same, perfect picture.

Projector - Screen Synchronisation

S PRO series comes with a free wireless projector trigger.*

Simply insert the wireless USB trigger into the projector’s USB port. When the projector is switched on, the screen will be triggered and rise up automatically. When you turn off the projector, the screen will retracted back to its case sententiously.

*Wireless trigger compatibility is not guaranteed for all projectors. Also, the trigger is a free gift, it is not covered by the screen’s manufacture warranty.

8K UHD/3D/HDR Ready

S PRO P series’ screen material is fully optimised and it is 3D Active, 8K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready so you can be confident that the screen can work with future generation of UST projectors. 

Choose the right size

S PRO P series’ screens are available in all different sizes. 

As a bulk item, to avoid disappointments, it is important to measure your room and check it against the screen size parameters as listed in below before choosing the screen size.

Also, it is worthy checking the overall packaging size to see if you have a clear access to move the screen at your place.

Type Motorised Floor Rising Perforate Acoustically Transparent Tab-Tensioned ALR Screen
Format 16:09
Gain 0.6
Screen Material Black Grid
Compatibility Ultra-Short Throw Projectors, Front Projection Only
Available Screen Sizes: 72″/84″/92″/100″/110″/120″
Viewing Angle 170 Degree
Surface Characteristics Ambient Light Rejecting Surface
Front Projection Material
Support 8K/4K UHD, 3D Active, HDR
Ambient Light Rejecting>97%

1 x VividStorm S PRO P Perforate Acoustically Electric Tension Floor Rising Screen

1 x IR Remote Control

1 x RF Remote Control

1 x Power Cord

1 x Adjust Rod (hexagon)

1 x USB charging cable (for remote)

1 x Wireless projector trigger (free gift)

1 x Special cleaning brush for screen material (free gift)

User Manual Download
User Manual Download