Makeblock Airblock, Modular and Programmable Flying Robot

Airblock, an easy-assembling modular and programmable drone. It can be transformed among multiple forms like drone, hovercraft and other systems. With graphic programming software, Airblock inspires creative ways to play. It is easy-to-play. Block assembly is simple and quick with well-designed magnetic connection. Everyone can enjoy the charm of modular & programmable drone.
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What is Airblock?

Airblock, an easy-assembling modular and programmable drone. It can be transformed among multiple forms like drone, hovercraft and other DIY systems. With graphic programming software, Airblock is easy-to-play. With well-designed magnetic connection, block assembly is simple and quick. Everyone can enjoy the charm of modular & programmable drone.

Multi-form Robot including drone, hovercraft, vehicle, circus clown, dancing ball, revolving sushi, whirlwind wheelbarrow and more. We also encourage kids to use their creativity and create more forms.


Easy magnetic assembly

Custom-engineered magnetic connectors on modules makes assembly quick and easy.

1)Aircraft mode

Airblock’s standard shape is a set of 6 axis aircraft. The app has a standard mode controlling function. Built in is a variety of aircraft stunts. User can also customize a combination of stunts. Its propellers include a special design, which prevents accidents of scratching due to high-speed rotation.

2)Hovercraft fashion

Simply adjust the angles of 4 power modules and install a base to turn the aircraft to a hovercraft. Able to travel on flat grounds and calm waters. When in mode, airBlock can become a high speed race car drifting; while in water mode, airBlock can also become a boat that gently rows down the waters.


DIY, let the imagination expand unlimitedly

The modular design, combined with the innovative magnetic connection, makes it easier to combine and separate. Children can freely create a variety of DIY works according to their ideas. It makes small objects in daily life interesting.


Program your Airblock

The makeblock app’s block-based programming language makes coding easy even without previous experience. Build your own DIY vehicles and code them to work exactly as you like.


Flying with Airblock is as easy as it gets

Use Makeblock APP or Bluetooth Controller to drive your Airblock and experience the fun of aerobatics.

1)Makeblock App

Makeblock App is an App for controlling Makeblock robots with your mobile device. You can fly Airblock with your mobile phone anytime. Just grab your Airblock and launch the Makeblock app on your phone, and you’re ready for take-off.

2)Bluetooth Controller

The bluetooth remote controller comes with 3 built-in airblock control models, you could switch drone/hovercraft/vehicle model freely. Easy to manipulate airblock to make it do flips,”S” curve forward. Some of tricks without opening the menu on the phone, all with a simple way in your hand.

Note: Bluetooth handles need to be purchased separately.


Makeblock: Makeblock is an international technology company that provides STEAM Education solutions covered 140+ countries and regions. We offer various easy-to-use robotic hardware, software, and curriculum to schools, education institutions, and families; supports the worldwide youth robot competition, MakeX.

6,000,000+ users

20,000+ schools

1,600+ partners

140+ countries

Airblock Awards & Mentions:

Winner of 5 international design awards


Size Aircraft:232 x 223 x 53 mm(9.13 x 8.78 x 2 inches)
Hovercraft:335 x 208 x 127 mm(13.2 x 8.19 x 5 inches)
Weight Aircraft: 150g
Hovercraft: 195g
Battery 7.4V, 700mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth
Sensors Ultrasonic, barometer, 6-axis gyroscope
Motor Hollow cup motor x 6
Software and programming Makeblock app for iOS and Android

Model: 99808

EAN: 6928819505834