CHiQ SFX Series ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Fresnel UST Projection Screen


  • Available in 100”/90” | Dedicated ALR screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • 1.2 Gain, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready
  • Super Slim Design (Visible Edge Thickness: 6.8mm)
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • One piece hard screen, no assemble required. Easy to clean.

S-FX ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Series Fresnel UST Projection Screen

Changhong S-FX series ALR screen is made of Fresnel optical materials.

Specially designed for UST (ultra-short throw) projectors, with its advanced, multi-layer optical material, S-FX screens can efficiently reject 90% of the ambient light that come from the top and sides of the screen to deliver vivid images even in brightly lit rooms.

More than just making the image brighter, S-FX sereis dramatically (up to 30 times) enhance the image contrast and colour saturation. 

Screen Gain – 1.2

Most of the other ALR screen on the market only reject the ambient light from the top of the screen, so, in order to enhance the contrast and colour performance, most of the other ALR screens offer a low image gain of 0.6 or less which is reducing the image brightness.

S-FX series is different, thanks to its unique optical design, it is capable of rejecting ambient light from both the top and the sides of the screen, therefor, it can enhance the image contrast and colour while offering an amazing high image gain of 1.2 in the same time.

Fixed Frame with Hard Screen

The fixed frame design of S-CK series ensure the screen is absolutely flat which is essential for UST projectors. Since the distance between the projector and the screen is so short, any tiny curve on the screen will distort the projected image, only a fixed frame design can avoid such distortion.

S-CK series feature a one-piece, hard screen which is washable (with micro fibre cloth and clear water) and fire resistant, it is a screen that is reliable and durable.

120 Degree Viewing Angle

Viewing angle matters when it comes to projector, especially for home theatre owner. S-FX series provide a super wide, 120 degree viewing angle so everyone at your house can enjoy the same superior quality of image.

30 Times Enhanced Screen Contrast

Ambient light present will degrade contrast and colour saturation. In higher ambient light situations, this can render the images unacceptable. 

The S-FX series use a combination of optical filters and dispersion to tackle the issue. With S-FX series, the image contrast can be enhanced up to 30 times, colour saturation is also enhanced as the ambient light is reflected so you can see more detail with true colour.


S-FX series screen features an ultra-thin design. The visible thickness of the screen edge is just 6.8mm so it can fit in your room well without disturbance. 

Type Fixed Frame
Format 16:09
Screen Gain 1.2
Screen Material Fresnel
Compatibility All Ultra-Short Throw Projectors
Available Screen Sizes: S120FX(120″), S100FX(100″), S90FX(90″), S80FX(80″)
Screen Size (wxhxd) (mm) 100″: 2240*1275*18mm, 29Kg
90″: 2020*1150*18mm, 21Kg
Border Width (mm) 6.8
Visible Edge Thickness (mm) 6.8
Viewing Angle 120°
Packing Sizes & Gross Weight 100″: 2340*1370*110, 56Kg
90″: 1897*1122*110, 43Kg
Surface Characteristics Ambient Light Rejecting Surface
Front Projection Material
Washable and Mildew Resistant
Fire Retardant
Support 4K, HDR front Projection

1 x CHiQ SFX Series ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Fresnel UST Projection Screen
1 x Fixing Kit
1 x Installation Instruction